In addition to supplying stock regimental ties, blazer badges, and special tie designs for Clubs and Companies, ATP Bespoke also supplies scarves, headsquares, and traditional college-style wraps.

Our standard long scarf size is 23cm x 137cm and for squares the size is 80cm x 80cm.  Other sizes are available to special order and both are available in 100% Silk or Polyester.  We can normally match the customer's colours to a pantone shade.

Scarves and headsquares are finished as standard with a machine stitched hem, with rolled hems available on Silk products for a more luxurious look at extra cost.

Traditional college-style warps are offered in 100% pure new wool in striped designs, or incorporating a school or college crest.  These wraps are available in various standard sizes from 9" x 54" to 9" x 72" and the price depends on the number of seams in the design.  They are also available with a fleece backing.

100% Silk & Polyester Headsquares & Scarves